One Size Doesn't Fit AllPair of socks

It's true, one size doesn't fit all. Your site has specific needs. ArteMon's plug-in architecture makes it easy to add new functions for collecting data and reporting on problems.

Software ArchitectureUML class diagram

Wikipedia's article on software architecture defines it as "...the structure or structures of the system, which comprise software components, the externally visible properties of those components, and the relationships between them."

The ArteMon Blueprint diagram shows the major modules of ArteMon. Since it is written in Java™, an object oriented language, these modules are actually classes.

ArteMon uses the "Plug-in" pattern to make it extensible. An ArteMon plug-in is a Java™ class library that contains one or more classes implementing specific interfaces.

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ArteMon Architecture

BlueprintsArteMon provides a framework for monitoring systems. The framework is extensible because it uses a plug-in architecture. ArteMon is composed of the following four subsystems:

The Network Monitor and Incident Manager are extensible through the use of plug-ins.

ArteMon Blue Print


Control roomNetwork Monitor

The Network Monitor is responsible for actually collecting data. Thet data that is collected, and the rate that it is sampled, is configurable. The data can optionally be stored in a relational database. The Network Monitor calls on plug-in data providers to actually get the data. When data is sampled, it is sent to any plug-in data publishers, as well as the Incident Manager. More info on collecting monitor data...

Business woman with filesStorage Manager

The Storage Manager actually stores monitored data into a relational database. Four different database systems are supported: Derby, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.


Police dispatcherIncident Manager

The Incident Manager reports on problems and potential problems. Threshold rules are applied to the monitored data to determine if there is a problem or potential problem. Events generated by the Network Monitor subsystem can are also handled by the Incident Manager. More info on incident management...

CalendarSchedule Manager

The Schedule Manager runs various background tasks, such as deleting old records from the database. You can use the schedule manager to run any external task or script, or to generate a Jasper Report. More info on scheduling...

Electrical socketPlug-ins

Plug-ins are used to extend the functionality of ArteMon. There are three types of plug-in:
          • Data Provider plug-ins collect monitor data
          • Data Publisher plug-ins send monitor data to external programs
          • Notification Action Handler plug-ins process incident notifications