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The Java™ system makes it possible to write code that runs on different hardware. Java programs are compiled to run on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which stands between the Java code and the actual hardware. A monitoring program written in Java can be run on any system with a suitable JVM.

Unisys ClearPath MCP SystemsBurroughs B5900

The Unisys ClearPath MCP systems are a continuation of the original Burroughs large systems architecture.

The original Burroughs B5000 was very advanced when it was introduced in 1961. It included a zero address, stack architecture and virtual memory. For more information on the unique architecture of this system, see the Wikipedia article on Burroughs Large Systems.





Affinité Products

Java™ Products


EKGArteMon Performance Monitor

ArteMon is a hardware independent system monitor implemented in Java™. ArteMon uses an extensible, plug-in architecture for data collection. Collected data can be stored in a relational database.

ArteMon provides sophisticated alarming based on the monitored data. It can also handle asynchronous event notifications from SNMP traps.

ArteMon also supports data aggregation and reporting. ArteMon GPM, a Windows based program, can display real-time graphs of the ArteMon performance data.

For ISVs and system integrators who wish to offer a monitoring solution with their systems, we can work with you to include ArteMon with your products and services.

ClearPath MCP Products


Knee x-rayGraphics Performance Monitor (GPM)

GPM is an extensible, real-time monitor for ClearPath and Libra systems. You run GPM PC on one or more Windows computers to display you performance data in real-time graphs. GPM also includes facilities for threshold alarming, data aggregation, and reporting.


CP/Analyzer provides the tools for detailed workload analysis. It includes an extensible data collection program that captures data from multiple sources, including the system log. CP/Analyzer can use the collected data to provide detailed resource usage data down to the process level.


Large programs usually spend most of their time executing a small percentage of their code. Knowing where a program is spending its time is critical for optimizing its run time. Most development systems include tools for measuring where a program spends its time. Affinité's Profiler is such a tool.