Hardware Independence

The idea of hardware independent software has been around for a very long time. No one, except for hardware vendors, liked being locked into particular vendor's hardware.

Creating standards for programming languages was one of the earliest attempts to provide hardware independence. While a good idea in theory, it didn't work very well in practice. Porting programs to different hardware remained difficult and expensive.

Java™ Rocks!

Java aims to provide true hardware independence by having only one version of the Java language that runs the same on any hardware with a Java Virtual Machine.Cup of coffee

We were skeptical of Java when we started our ArteMon project. Since performance is our thing, we were particularly worried about Java's performance.

Our fears were misplaced. Java has met or exceeded all of our needs. It performs extremely well. And it provides the hardware independence we were looking for.

ArteMon Performance Monitor

EKGArteMon is a hardware independent performance monitor written in Java™. It runs on Windows and Linux servers, or any system with a version 1.6 JVM.

ArteMon supports many aspects of performance management, including problem management, service level management, and capacity management.


Blue printExtensible, Plug-In Architecture

ArteMon uses a modular, extensible architecture consisting of four major subsystems: Network Monitor, Storage Manager, Incident Manager, and Schedule Manager. Plug-in modules are used for data collection, data publication, and incident notifications.

SpreadsheetPowerful Data Collection

ArteMon collects all of its data through data manager plug-ins. ArteMon contains data managers for many different servers and network components. Data collection capabilities can be extended by writing additional data managers.

Fire alarmIncident Management

ArteMon includes a facility for generating, tracking, and clearing incidents. An incident is a collection of one or more notifications about a problem or potential problem.

Control roomReal-Time Data Display

The ArteMon system includes ArteMon GPM, a Windows program that can display ArteMon data in real-time charts. You can run multiple copies of ArteMon GPM, and each one can be configured to display a specific set of charts.


ArteMon includes a built in scheduling capability that works much like the Unix Cron utility. ArteMon Server uses this capability to schedule internal tasks. It can also be configured to schedule many other tasks, including the periods to collect data and the execution of external programs or scripts.